Friday, March 9, 2012

FAQ Friday: Utility Room with Blue Pearl Granite

This question is from Kristina...
"We are remodeling our utility room, not moving walls, but have removed a closet to add cabinets and new counters. 
The room was a bit of a mistake when we built in that it is smaller than what was planned. 
The cabinets are beige with some taupe/tan veining and the floor is ceramic greys/beige/white - white grout. Wallpaper will be decided once I have chosen counter top colors. 
I brought home a sample of Caledon and Blue Pearl - I see many rooms using the Caledon but not Blue Pearl - there are other granite colors to see, I am sure, but these are what we liked at our first stop. Do you have the Blue Pearl done in a room to see? What are your thoughts on the color combination?"

Thanks for the email Kristina.
Blue Pearl is a really beautiful granite.  I think the color combination would look great.  The blue in the Blue Pearl would give some life to all the browns/tans/ taupes & whites that you are using.
It's also a great color to use in a utility room.  It's a really durable granite and will hold up well.
Here are some pictures I found that have Blue Pearl on tan cabinets.
Hopefully this gives you some inspiration!
Case Design/Remodeling, Inc. contemporary kitchen

Photo: Austin Granite Direct
Photo: Cameo Marble & Granite
For more pictures of Blue Pearl go here for our Slab Sunday.

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