Friday, March 2, 2012

FAQ Friday: Full Slab Fireplace Inspiration

This question comes from Rob in Colorado...
"I've gutted a home in Vail and want to do a full slab of something cool (marble, onyx, quartzite) on the fireplace.  I don't know what I want, I just want something that will be the showpiece of the home.  Can you post pictures to get my mind going?  I know I'm not giving you much info, I really am just looking for inspiration.  I designed my kitchen based off of inspiration I got from your blog!"

Thanks for the email Rob.  It's nice to hear from our male readers.  :)  I'm glad I could help with the kitchen!

I have some really beautiful fireplace pictures that I'm sure will inspire you to design something beautiful for your home.
Photo: Casa de Valentina
NEFF contemporary living room
Photo: Design Milk
ACOYA modern bathroom

Home theatre modern media room
Photo: Dorado Soapstone

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