Friday, March 16, 2012

FAQ Friday: Custom Countertop on Stainless Steel Bath Console?

This question comes from Abby in Georgia...
"I'm re-doing my guest bath and I purchased one of those bathroom consoles from Pottery Barn with the open, stainless steel legs.  (Similar to this).  My question is I don't like the Carrara marble top that it came with.  It's too cool & gray for my bath.  Plus, it isn't the prettiest piece of Carrara that I've ever seen.  I want something warmer, maybe like Crema Marfil marble.  Is it possible to find a small piece that would work for me?  Also, if I find the marble do you think a fabricator will be willing to install the top for me?"

Thanks for the question Abby. 
I really like those consoles.  We've had quite a few customers that have had us make countertops for these types of consoles.
Every single time we have made one our price to custom make the top & install it has been less expensive than if the homeowner bought the top directly through the company that they bought the console from.  Plus, we install it so you don't have to!

My advice is to find a local fabricator that has remnants of marble in their yard.  They will be able to build a new top for you and install it.  The best part is that you'll be able to pick out your exact piece of stone, so you won't be stuck with whatever you get from ordering online.

Here are a couple pictures of consoles similar to what Abby has purchased...
Photo: Pottery Barn
Photo: Restoration Hardware
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Janet said...

Fabulous advice!

I am constantly surprised by how affordable marble is and when you find a remnant, it's all the better!

Instead of replacing our entire kitchen island we just put a piece of carrara right over it - and, it was the best decision we could have made.

(Another) Great post!

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