Friday, February 10, 2012

FAQ Friday: How Should I Use Pink in a Girl's Bath?

This question comes from McKenzie in California...
"After seeing the new pink Caesarstone color on your blog I'm convinced that I must do a pink bath for my daughter in our new home that we are building in northern CA.  Problem is my hubby doesn't think I can do it without making it look cheesy.  I don't necessarily need to have pink countertops.  I could do pink tile or cabinets or something.  I just need some design advice.  How do I use pink in a girl's bath without making it look hokey?"
Queen of Hearts in the new pink quartz from CaesarStone.

Thanks for the email McKenzie.  I think pink bathrooms are just great, but I'm partial to pink as it is my favorite color.  :)
I definitely think you can make a pink bathroom look classy.  It's a matter of not going overboard with the pink.
Here are a couple of suggestions...
  • If using pink as one of the architectural elements in the bath, just use it once.  For instance...on the countertops or the cabinet color or the tile or the wall color. 
  • You could do a white bath (or another neutral color) and then just accessorize with pink.  Towels, pictures, rugs, etc. 
Here are some pictures I found of beautiful pink baths.  I think all of them were done really well, none look cheesy or hokey.
Photo: VT Interiors
Guest Bathroom traditional bathroom

girls bathroom  bathroom

Pretty in Pink contemporary bathroom

Orono (Remodel) traditional bathroom

Glitzy-Glam meets Farmhouse-Chic traditional bedroom

Photo: MGS by Design
Don't be afraid to use pink in your girl's bath McKenzie!  As you can see in the photos above, you can use a little or a lot of pink and as long as it's done well it looks great.

If you have a stone or design question you'd like to see answered here send me an email.

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