Tuesday, February 28, 2012

10 Kitchens with Full Height Stone Backsplashes

Yesterday I posted some beautiful tile backsplash options.
I thought I'd carry the backsplash subject on today with 10 beautiful full height stone backsplashes.  When you have a beautiful stone I think it just makes sense to carry it up to the backsplash.  It's a stunning and clean look.

These 10 pictures are some of my favorite kitchens on my Pinterest "Kitchens" board, I hope you like them too!
Russian Hill modern kitchen

Photo: Elements of Style
Photo: Caitlin Wilson Design
Kitchen traditional

Shiela Off, CMKBD eclectic bathroom

kitchen contemporary kitchen

Photo: Country Living
Lake Washington Eclectic eclectic kitchen

Photo: Benjamin Dhong Interior Design
Photo source.
So tell me, do you prefer tile or slab for a kitchen backsplash?

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