Friday, January 27, 2012

FAQ Friday: Does the Kitchen Sink Need to Match the Appliances?

This question comes from reader, Ellen...
"I have a design question for you.  My parents are redoing portions of their kitchen.  They have chosen Lapidus granite, which is beautiful.  All of their kitchen appliances are black.  They are also wanting to replace their kitchen sink with one of the SilGranite sinks.  They are thinking that they need to go with black just because their appliances are black, but they are really wanting to choose the cocoa color.  What are your thoughts?  Does the sink have to match the appliances?  I told them that you don't have to match everything anymore.  They would,of course, switch our their faucet to a bronze if they choose the cocoa."
A kitchen done by us, MGS by Design, with Lapidus granite countertops.  The sink in the island is copper.
Let me start by saying that I'm glad to hear they are going with the Blanco Silgranit sink.  Those sinks are so great, we sell them all the time and I've never had a complaint about them.  It's what I recommend to my customers and what I would use in my next kitchen.
This is the Cafe Brown Blanco Silgranit sink.  Cafe Brown has gained a lot of popularity in the past few years.
Above is the Antracite (black) Silgranit sink from Blanco. 

Honestly, your parents aren't going to go wrong either way.  The Anthracite (black) has been the most popular color for composite granite sinks since I started selling them 7 years ago.  It goes with most granite colors, is easy to keep clean and always looks great.

The Cafe Brown has definitely been gaining popularity though.  It's a great color and goes really well with the rich colors that a lot of the granites have, including the Lapidus.

Don't worry about the sink color matching the appliances.  You are right, everything doesn't need to match anymore.

We did the countertops in the photo below last year.  The granite the homeowner selected for the perimeter countertops is Bianco Antico and then she did Halstead Cambria quartz on the island.  Her appliances are stainless steel and she chose the Cafe Brown Blanco Silgranit sink.  Nothing technically matched, but it all worked really well together.  As you can see, this kitchen is gorgeous!
Photo: MGS by Design
To see more pictures of the above kitchen go here.

Hopefully this helps Ellen!  Let us know what your parents decide.
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