Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Designer's Kitchen: Soapstone Island with Carrara marble on the Perimeter

We just love working with the Interior Designers at Alice Lane.  They are so fun & talented, plus they do such beautiful work.  The jobs we do with them are always some of our favorites.
When interior designer Suzanne said she was redoing her own kitchen BJ was happy to help her with the countertops.

We got lucky and had a really pretty remnant of Soapstone in our yard that worked perfectly for the Island.  For the perimeter countertops Suzanne selected the Carrara marble from our stock with a honed finish.
Soapstone + Carrara = One of my favorite combos.
 She did a Mitered edge detail on the Carrara because it was 2 cm.
On the island the edge detail is a 1 1/4" Square Polish.
Check out her island, isn't it a beautiful piece?

To see more pictures of Suzanne's beautiful home go to Alice Lane's blog.


Anonymous said...

I LOVE Alice Lane! Of course their designer's kitchens (and homes) would be so gorgeous. Thanks for sharing, that was fun to see.

Marcie said...

Gorgeous, gorgeous! I'm totally jealous. :)

Amie said...

Isn't it funny how interior designer's always use marble and soapstone in their own kitchens? We should follow their lead and quit being scared of it! Suzanne's home is really beautiful.

Janet said...

Amie - I couldn't agree more!

I am in the process of pairing Carrara marble for my kitchen island with Corian's rain cloud on my counter tops, which is meant to look like carrara.

I love this blog/website... I cannot tell you how many times I've referred to it during my kitchen redo's. Bravo, and keep up the good work (please!)

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