Thursday, January 12, 2012

Contemporary CaesarStone Kitchen from MGS by Design

Last week I had the opportunity to photograph what could be my dream home.  I'm a sucker for contemporary/ minimalist homes and this one was to die for!
I was so glad BJ asked me to take the pictures, it was fun to see the home....and the views that these homeowners have. 

The countertops are CaesarStone quartz.  Color #2003 Concrete.  We did a 2 1/4" Mitered edge detail on the sink run and the island.  The lower seating area has a 4" Mitered edge detail.

This was a fun job to work on, but the best part was definitely the homeowners.  Somehow we get really lucky and work with the best people.

 I wish I would have had my UV filter on my camera so you all could see the views.  They have windows on the back and the side of their home, so they have views of all of Utah county.  It was so beautiful.
I'll show some other areas of their home next week. 
We hope you enjoyed seeing this kitchen as much as we enjoyed working on it!

*All photos property of MGS by Design.


Erin @ The Impatient Gardener said...

Very cool kitchen. I tend to shy away from very modern spaces, but I do like very clean design in kitchens and bathrooms and this one is great. What a fabulous house too.

Interesting that they went with the 4" mitered counter. It definitely gives a great weight. What are you seeing in terms of thickness trends now? Didn't I read somewhere (maybe here) that in Europe (where supposedly all design trends originate, although I don't necessary agree with that) they are doing really skinny counters?

Steph@TheGraniteGurus said...

I personally really like the thick Mitered edges. I have 2" in my own kitchen and I love the look of the 4" in this kitchen.

You are right, I did write about how in Europe the trend is 3/4" and even 1/2" edges.
I've seen this trend more the past year than I ever have here, but honestly I don't think it will ever really catch on here in the US, especially in Utah.

P.S. I LOVE following you on Pinterest. :)

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