Friday, December 30, 2011

Holiday Re-Runs: Honed Calacatta Gold Kitchen

Happy Holidays!
This week I'm stepping away from the blog and I'm posting re-runs of our most popular posts from 2011.  
Today's article was originally posted on 6/27/11.  This kitchen with the Calacatta Gold marble countertops and backsplash was nothing short of stunning.  We were so happy to be a part of this remodel.

We recently completed one of the most gorgeous jobs we have done this year. 
The homeowner designed it all herself and she did an incredible job.  Not only does she have fantastic style, she's really great to work with. 
We did the countertops in the kitchen and three baths.
Today I'll show the stunning kitchen.... 
 Isn't it amazing?  The marble on the countertops and the full height backsplash is Calacatta Gold.  The slabs came in polished, but she had us do a honed finish on them.  I think this was a very smart choice, she won't notice the etching near as much.
Notice in the photo above how the veining of the marble matches perfectly from the full height splash, to the countertop and  down into the Mitered edge. 
We measure for the full height splash after the countertops have been installed to ensure a perfect fit.  We had to carefully save the matching pieces for the full height splash and we numbered them so that our saw guy would remember which piece went where. 
Projects like this are such fun for us to work on. 

*All photos property of MGS by Design.

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