Sunday, October 30, 2011

Slab Sunday: Meteorus granite

Today I'm featuring a granite color that I just love.... Meteorus.
Meteorus is quarried in Brazil. 
When you look at it from far away it basically looks black with silver. If you get up close or the sun is shining on it just right though you can see all the beautiful detail in this stone. The background is a silvery black and then it has these beautiful purple/red spots of garnet in it.
Photo: The Stone Network
I had a customer a few years ago tell me that the garnets looked just like black cherries cut in half.  She used it in her kitchen and could never remember the real name of it, so from that day forward we all had to refer to Meteorus as "Black Cherry".   :)

I really like this color with a Brushed Finish as well. It ends up looking really soft and beautiful.
Photo: Dietrich Homes
Meteorus is a stone that is more difficult for fabricators to work with due to the varying hardness of minerals within the slab. Be sure to hire a reputable and experienced fabricator if you select this granite.
Photo: The Whole House Company
We actually  use a slab of Meteorus as our entrance sign into our slab yard...
Photo: MGS by Design
Notice the sink in the photo below.  It looks like it is custom made out of the Meteorus granite.
I love the description that the website of the photo below gives Meteorus... "close up it is black, grey and silver with layers of what look like bamboo shaped leaves cris-crossing. To top it off there are cherry red berry shaped flecks throughout. It’s like on of those Japanese screen paintings made by some Zen master with a sweep of a brush stroke. Stunning!"
I could not have said it better.  :) 
Photo: Simon Thomas Pirie
Meteorus is available in 2 cm and 3 cm slabs.

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