Friday, October 21, 2011

Guest Post: Granite Gurus: Amazing Granite Ware, Everywhere!

Today I get to take the day off and turn the blog over to Arcadian Lighting for a Guest Post.
Enjoy!  -Steph

Hi all! I'm Jenn and I'm one of the lucky writers at Arcadian Lighting, an e-commerce website that specializes in top lighting ideas and light fixture trends around the world. I write about home decor every day and one thing that I've learned is this: some of the most striking elements in interior design come straight from Mother Nature, and that includes granite. I love the look and feel of granite, and I frequent The Granite Gurus to stay on top of this unique industry. I'm excited to present readers with my own granite post today - thanks for having me! Granite on countertops and other work surfaces may be a relatively newer trend, however amazing granite ware was found everywhere in the last 19th and early 20th centuries, and today it's making a major comeback. Displayed in kitchens and dining rooms, and illuminated by a great light fixture, these eight spaces feature amazing granite ware everywhere.

1 A chic collection
Granite Ware
This antique cupboard is opened to reveal a colourful collection of granite ware bowls, while a louver door is also tucked with mugs in the same material.

2 A mix of old and new
Granite Ware
The dinnerware is decidedly modern but the granite ware coffee pot is used to showcase a bouquet of fresh daisies. The white, blue, and yellow setting is a stylish presentation of old and new.

3 On a lamp
Granite Ware
These unique ceiling lights feature granite ware shades and would mesh beautifully in a classic country kitchen. The pendant light shape gives it an updated boost.

4 Blue and white granite ware
Granite Ware
Granite ware pitchers displayed on open kitchen shelving pull double-duty as not only vessels but also decor. The contemporary ceiling light balances out the classic look of the space.

5 As plant pots
Granite Ware
Antique-looking granite on modern-day plant pots is an interesting juxtaposition and would be a great addition indoors and out.

6 Going green
Granite Ware
The swirly pattern of this green granite ware is a fun twist on the traditional yet it still features the blue lip that granite ware is known for.

7 Marvellous materials
Granite Ware
Granite ware is mixed with coloured glass, crystal, and china for a veritable melange of dinnerware and glassware spanning the centuries.

8 Tea pot
Granite Ware
This granite ware teapot pulls double-duty as a planter - perched on an antique red stool is adds loads of personality to the corner of this deck. Lighting up your granite ware on your mind?

Check out some of our unique light fixtures at Arcadian Lighting for some inspiration!!

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