Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Breccia Capraia Marble Coffee Table

Check out this table we recently made for one of our suppliers, Adamas Stone.  It's in their new showroom and I just love it with the Barcelona chairs.
They set it on pieces of wood so they could pick it up again.  They are adding a rug that will go under it.  :)
The edges are all Mitered for a monolithic look.  The marble is Breccia Capraia from Italy.
It has some crazy beautiful purple veining, but it's mostly pure white with grey veining.
Photo: MGS by Design
In other news, I was interviewed yesterday for a feature called A Measure of Success on the In Good Measure website.  Check it out here.

Last, I have to tell you about my newest obsession....Pinterest.
Are you all on it?
I was an early signer-upper, but I had not really gotten into it until just recently and HOLY COW. ... I now spend way too much time on there!   
Anyway, if you aren't on Pinterest yet I think you should be.  :)


Universal Stone, Inc. said...

That coffee table looks great, but I bet that thing is heavy!

Steph@TheGraniteGurus said...

And yes, it's not light! ;)

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