Sunday, September 11, 2011

Slab Sunday: Emerald Pearl granite

Emerald Pearl granite is quarried in a bedrock quarry in Norway.
The quarry uses some of the most modern quarrying equipment and techniques, so it is able to quarry material year round.  Even in the harsh winter months.

The slabs are quite consistent in color and pattern.  Emerald Pearl has a unique crystal structure that makes the slabs look three-dimensional.
Emerald Pearl is similar in pattern to the Blue Pearl granite, the colors are just different.
Photo: Granite Pro
Other names for Emerald Pearl include: Dark Larvikite, Dunkel Labrador, Emerald Perl, Esmerald Pearl, Labrador Dunkel, Labrador Emerald Pearl, Labrador Escuro, Labrador Gruen, Labrador Oscuro, Labrador Scuro, Labrador Verde, Labrador Vert, Perla Smeralda, Verde Larvik, Labrador GrĂ¼n, Labrador Oscuro and Ala de moscas oscuro.
Photo: Cowry Cabinets
Photo: Project Stone Australia

Conselyea Kitchen modern kitchen
modern kitchen design
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Emerald Pearl is available in 2 cm and 3 cm slabs. 

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