Thursday, September 15, 2011

New Stock! 9/15/11

We received a truck yesterday and have some beautiful new colors!

I'm going to embarrass BJ here....he's showing off one of our new slabs.

Our most popular color right now is Bianco Antico granite.  We went through the last bundle before it even arrived and unfortunately it took us a couple of weeks to get some more material in.
We now have 10 slabs in stock and they are really beautiful.  This is a color that you'll want to jump on though, I'm sure they'll go quick again.

One of my favorite colors that we received is the Seagrass Limestone.
I may be a little biased towards this color, it's in my Laundry Room and Powder Bath.  It's a beautiful limestone. 

We also received these gorgeous Soapstone slabs.  These haven't been oiled yet, but aren't they amazing?!?  I love the veining.
Check out our Slab Inventory tab at the top to see the rest of our new slabs and what we have in stock!


Anonymous said...

Uhhh, yeah. I am pretty sure you just did embarrass me. That is a pretty bad Vanna White impersonation. I just want to apologize to that soapstone slab for distracting from its' beauty.
Looks like I will have to be more careful when I see you with the camera out Stephanie.

Melissa said...

You should do a post on Slabs and Abs! Hah! You could get a whole new following.

And BTW, that seagrass limestone is even more beautiful in four perfect coasters are proof of that!

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