Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Things That Must Go: Parade of Homes Edition

If any of you listen to Radio From Hell on x96 you'll recognize the feature 'Things That Must Go'. Here's a description from Wikipedia on what exactly this is....
"Every other Wednesday, Radio From Hell presents "Things That Must Go". Each host then presents a list of pet peeves.  The list has included Dr. Phil, The Buggles, "Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep", The Orlando Jones Show, Rachael Ray, fake British accents, and public bathroom stalls without a hook on the door.
Alternating with the hosts' irritations is the "Listeners' List of Things That Must Go", for which listeners are encouraged to send in E-mails detailing the things they feel "must go"."

Every year when I go to the Parade of Homes I think of my own list of 'Things That Must Go'.
This year has been no exception, I went to the Salt Lake Valley Parade of Homes last weekend and while it definitely wasn't as bad as last year, there were some homes that could use improvement.
At the risk of offending some people, here is my list of Things That Must Go: Parade of Homes Edition.
  1. Homes that aren't finished.  Usually this is an unfinished basement.  If you must not finish the basement, please leave a note at the top of the stairs telling me it's unfinished.  I could care less about walking down there and looking at cement.
  2. Basements that are finished but not furnished.  There are plenty of furniture shops and designers that will lend furnishings for the Parade of Homes.  I can't see one reason why you wouldn't furnish and decorate the basement.  Again, if you insist on not furnishing and decorating the basement please leave a note at the top of the stairs telling me not to waste my time walking downstairs to look at empty rooms.
  3. Homes without window coverings.  (This actually comes from my friend, Susan, who owns  Home Touch Window Fashions).  I agree though, this goes back to the home being unfinished.  You will need window coverings when you move in and a Parade home is supposed to be a finished home. 
  4. When you can't actually walk into a room.  They will put ribbons or rope at each door and you can't walk in.  Sometimes there will be a bathroom through the bedroom and you can't even see it! 
  5. Seeing the same house over and over and over again.  Okay, I know the Interior Designer's don't get together and plan the design of the homes, but it seems like in every Parade there are multiple homes that look exactly the same!  Designers please, think outside of the design box!
  6. Horrible decorating.  Yes, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but I swear there are some really horribly decorated Parade Homes every year.  It's actually usually less in the decorating and more in the finishes.  Ugly tile, countertops, etc.  My friend and I joke* that we will offer our design services for free if you just want us to go over everything before it's installed.  (*By joke I mean we are serious.)
So tell me, do you agree or disagree with my list?
Also, what's on your list of Things That Must Go?


jfb said...

Great list. I especially hate the unfinished rooms/basement, too. My additions: Since I usually have a child or two with me at the parade, my pet peeve is no candy bowl at the exit. :) When I promise (aka: bribe) candy if they'll just be hold my hand, it's awful when I can't deliver. Also, I always appreciate a lawn. I don't expect all landscaping done, but a lawn sure does add to the overall appearance of the exterior. Hope CV's Parade doesn't disappoint!

Reina said...

I must agree with JFB, you had a great list. This must not offend other people but it will be their motivation. I saw a great one the san antonio parade of homes.

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