Friday, August 5, 2011

FAQ Friday: Do I have to use the same color of granite throughout my house?

This question comes from Linda, a reader in Maine.
"I am building a new home and my designer said I need to use the same color of granite throughout my house for "consistency".  Is this true?  I don't really want to use the same granite everywhere.  I'd like to change things up in my bathrooms.  Especially in my master bath where I want to use Carrara marble.  What's your opinion?"

I don't think there is a right or wrong answer to this question, so I'll just give you my opinion. 
I absolutely do not think you need to use the same granite throughout your home!  Yes, you want the home to have a good flow, but that doesn't mean your countertops need to be the same. 
Generally if you design your home using things you love it will turn out beautiful.  It will be beautiful to you and isn't that what matters?
Most new homes that we do the countertops in do not have the same stone on all the countertops throughout the house.  Mix it up!  If you are building a custom home....make it look custom and not like a spec home.
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Anonymous said...

My advice would be, its all a matter of personal taste, having the same marble/granite/stone all the way through the house is boring! I just finished a residence with 17 bathrooms, and every single bathroom had a different marble in it. It looks wonderful... and yes there was one in Cararra, so stick to your guns.

Moana said...

same Granite Countertop for entire house is boring. you should use the different countertops for different part of house like kitchens and batrooms.

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