Thursday, July 28, 2011

Great Deal on Pre-Fabricated Granite, Marble & Travertine!

If you are looking for a good deal, but don't want an inferior product, we have a really great option for you.
We have pre-fabricated granite, marble & travertine.  These pieces are fabricated in another facility where that is all they do.  They come in vanity runs, kitchen runs and even islands.  They are cut to size and the edge is even already on them!  They come with a backsplash as well.  Pre-fab is also a good option for desks & bars.
These are great for diy-ers or we are happy to install them for you.
Either way you are getting a great deal on great stone.
Here are some pictures of what we currently have in stock. 
Sorry the pictures are really bad, if you click on the name of each stone it will take you to better pictures.

This is an island.
Below is Madura Gold as well.

(Sorry, Absolute Black is like a mirror.  It's impossible to get a good photo of it in our showroom with all the windows.)

Contact us today and we can help you determine if pre-fab is the best option for you.

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