Monday, July 18, 2011

Calacatta Gold on a Coffee Table

One of the benefits of working in the stone industry is I can scavenge around our remnant yard and find beautiful little pieces of stone.
A couple of months ago I bought a Saarinen Low Oval Coffee Table replica (I only wish it were the real thing) off of a local classifieds website.  It was just the base, but I didn't care that it didn't have the marble top.  I wanted to have my own made anyway.
The table base has sat in my front room without a top for two months now while I've kept my eye out for the right scrap of marble to come through our shop.  That day finally came this week!
Check out my beautiful Calacatta Gold marble topped table....

 *All photos property of MGS by Design.


Ali said...

Love it!
It's a perfect piece of Calcutta!

Anonymous said...

This is gorgeous! I'm totally jealous. =)

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