Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Whiteout Wednesday. It's back!

I was looking at our Google Analytics for this blog today and realized Whiteout Wednesday is far and away the most popular feature here.  You all love white!
So I've decided to bring it back, but I'm going to change it up just a bit.
The original feature was five pictures of white kitchens every Wednesday.  I'm going to add bathrooms to the mix.
From now until I (or you) get sick of it, I'll show five white kitchens or baths every Wednesday!
To kick off the addition of bathrooms, all five photos today will be white baths.

Gorgeous Statuary Vein marble on the floors, walls and countertop.

I'm not sure what the countertops are in this next bath, it kind of looks like it's a granite.  Nonetheless, the overall look of this bath is white, albeit a warm white.
Bathroom traditional bathroom

Personally I don't know if I would do a wood floor in a bath.  I love the look though, especially when everything else is white.

I like the little stripe of green in this white bath.  The countertops are probably a white quartz.  Notice how the faucet is on the side of the sink instead of behind it.  We have to do this every once in awhile when the cabinet is fairly narrow or the sink is a bit large.
sea view penthouse modern bathroom

Last is a beautiful double sink vanity with Carrara marble

Thanks for reading Whiteout Wednesday and making it such a popular feature on our blog. 
If you have a picture of a white kitchen or bath and would like to see it featured here please send me an email!

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Tammy said...

So glad it's back. This is definitely my favorite feature on your blog.

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