Monday, June 20, 2011

Top 12 Kitchen Trends

I saw this article, Top 12 Kitchen Trends, on the Better Homes and Gardens website today.
I thought it was interesting and I agreed with most of it.  The one thing they didn't mention was White Kitchens, which is still a huge trend for us.
Anyway, here is their list of the Top 12 Kitchen Trends right now with pictures I've found on Houzz.
  1. Curving Shapes in the Kitchen.
  2. Kitchen Designs by Ken Kelly Kitchen 3 contemporary kitchen
  3. Mix and Match Styles and Materials.
  4. Rustic Kitchen eclectic kitchen
  5. Furniture Details for Kitchen Cabinets.
  6. Crystal Cabinetry traditional kitchen
  7. Incorporating Artistic Details.
  8. Cascadia Residence 02 traditional kitchen
  9. Restaurant-Inspired Conveniences.
  10. Knollwood Kitchen modern kitchen
  11. Exotic and Colorful Countertops.
  12. highland park contemporary kitchen
  13. Scaled Down Kitchen Appliances.
  14. Pb Elemental modern kitchen
To read the entire article from Better Homes and Gardens click here.


Granite Worktops said...

The vintage design is awesome. I had been designing such kitchens for years for my clients. But this has really been perfectly done. Hats off to the designers and installers.

Gloria Graham Sollecito, AKBD said...

I certainly agree with you on the white kitchens! They have always been a fixture here in Florida but lately it's even more so. We're not doing much Traditional, no distressing at all. I think the middle ground of Transitional is the rule of thumb in South Florida these days.

Steph@TheGraniteGurus said...

That's interesting Gloria. Thanks for your input!
People here in Utah are still really loving the distressing.
It's funny how each region can take the same trend and make it their own.

Lovely Kitchens said...

I love that tucked away laundry area, it's such a good idea.

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