Thursday, May 19, 2011

Natural Stone on Sideboards & Hutches

By now you all know that I can find a reason to put stone on any flat surface in a home, it's how I make a living!  :)

An overlooked place to put natural stone is on the Sideboard (aka Buffet) or Hutch in the Kitchen or Dining Room.
This is a great place to use stone because it's more durable than the wood or even glass that is often seen on these furniture pieces. 
If you have an antique sideboard we can help recommend a stone and edge that is suitable for the timeframe the furniture was built.

Here are some pictures of Sideboards and Hutches with natural stone...
Wayside Kitchens traditional kitchen

Mesa View Residence, Arroyo Grande contemporary dining room

Teri Turan traditional kitchen

Caudill Lane modern dining room

It's generally fairly inexpensive to add natural stone to a Sideboard or Hutch since they are usually pretty small, you can probably find a remnant in our yard. 
Also, if you are handy you can template and install the piece yourself.  So the only thing you would need to pay for is the stone and the fabrication!
Contact us today if you would like a price on a new countertop for your Sideboard or Hutch!

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