Friday, April 8, 2011

Beautiful Park City Home

If we are going to be honest, we do play favorites at MGS by Design
Meaning that we do have our favorite projects.  Usually it's because they use unique stone and design or because the client is particularly fun to work with.
This Park City home fell into all of those categories, so this project was definitely one of our favorites that we worked on last year.

The home was designed by Benjamin Sundermeier at Space Planning + Design in Kansas City, Missouri.  The design and the stone were just amazing, they did a great job. 

We'll start in the kitchen.  The granite they used was Cosmic Black with a Leathered Finish.  I like how clean this kitchen is.
You have to look closely at this next picture.  This is what you see from the Living Room, on the other side of this wall is the Kitchen.  They designed it so that the countertops come through that opening.  We built the countertops to Miter down and match the circular shape of the opening. 

Next is my personal favorite part of the home, the bathrooms. 
Again, you'll need to look close at these next three photos.  There are drawers on these floating vanities, they are made of stone.  Benjamin designed it and we built and installed the drawer fronts out of the stone, making sure to match all pattern and veining on the stone exactly.
This first vanity is Rain Forest Green marble.

The stone on this vanity is called Crazy Horse granite. 
These were very, very cool.   They were a bit of a challenge to make, but we like a good challenge and we are just glad they turned out so well!

In this bath they used CaesarStone on the countertops and shower bench.

What a great project!  We enjoyed and are grateful to have been a part of.  We hope the homeowners are loving their new, beautiful home.

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