Friday, January 28, 2011

StonExpo/ Surfaces recap: Part 2

My personal favorite booth at the show was Dal Tile's. Their marketing department always does a great job.

They also introduced their new slate panels.  It's thin and plyable, so can be wrapped around columns.  It's not out yet, it's coming soon. I don't have all the details, but I think it's going to be really cool.  You can see it on the right in the photo below.
*Photos from MGS by Design and Dal Tile.


Erin @ The Impatient Gardener said...

That's very cool, but it defies logic so much I wonder if it wouldn't have the effect of looking a bit fake ... like really good faux paint or something.

I would love to go to a show like this. Such wonderful ideas on display. I go up to the Kohler Design Center (only 20 minutes up the road) a couple times of year when they change out their displays and that in itself is a feast for the eyes.

Steph@TheGraniteGurus said...

You know what Erin? I thought the same thing. I actually didn't like the slate the first time I was at the booth. I thought it looked to fake. For some reason the second time I was there I decided I loved it.

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