Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Microscopic Views, Before and After and Blog-N-Bake. It's a little random here today.

Sure I love a remodel that costs buckets of money.  Who doesn't (besides the actual person paying for it)? 
It's great to see a remodel that is done on a dime though.  Check out this fantastic Before and After from the adorable Nothing but Bonfires blog. 

Paul Anater of the Kitchen and Residential Design blog does it again with this fascinating post called A Microscopic View of Some Counter Materials.  Very cool stuff.
What's this image above?  You are going to have to head over to his blog to find out!

Last thing today, I'm participating in the Bake-N-Blog again.  It's the holiday edition and while I did not enjoy the cupcakes I made the last time, I'm giving it another try because I think I'm better at making cookies.  We'll see....
Stay tuned for a riveting post about baking cookies on December 1st.  ;)

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K&B by the Sea said...

I am SO sorry, I didn't realize you'd left a comment on my Bake-N-Blog post - I completely forgot to check to see if there were any comments waiting to be moderated (that happens with posts that are 2 weeks old and older). I've added your name and your cookie to the list of participants that I posted on my blog today. So happy that you're giving the baking thing another try :-) And I have to say, Chocolate Orangey Chocolate Chip cookies sound YUM-MY!

I have to go check out Paul's blog to see what that freaky thing is!


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