Friday, November 5, 2010

FAQ Friday: A reader's design question

This isn't really a frequently asked question, but I figured I'd throw in reader questions into our FAQ Friday spot as well.
Emily R. from Arizona had asked for some advice on her countertops.  She's doing white cabinets in her new kitchen and is painting the dining room turquoise.  She wants to keep the kitchen and dining areas white, turquoise and lime green.
Emily asked for advice on what she should do for her countertops.  She's thinking the white of some sort.

Of course my first suggestion would be Carrara marble.  It's beautiful, it's classic, it's neutral. 
If down the road she decides to get rid of the lime green and turquoise the door is still wide open for a range of other colors.
Plus, your kitchen could look like the kitchen below designed by Jonathan Adler.  Isn't it beautiful?!?

If you are scared of marble, then I'd suggest quartz.  CaesarStone has Eggshell, Organic White, Blizzard, Pure White, Nougat and Quartz Reflections that would all be great.


Emily said...

Thanks Steph!
You couldn't have helped me with my design delimma in a more lovely way. You are the best! :)
So, I think I'm leaning towards the Carrara!!! I'll let you know. Now, if you only you guys were further south....Next step is to find a fabricator.

Anonymous said...

I love the lime green with the turquoise. that's a color combo I wouldn't have thought of for the kitchen. It's beautiful though.

Ashley said...

Great advice Steph!
I am going to be remodeling my kitchen this spring. I'm definitely going to be asking for some advice on my countertops.

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