Friday, October 15, 2010

FAQ Friday: Can I put a slab on my tub deck?

This question comes from Kristy in California.  She was wondering if she could put a slab of marble on her tub deck instead of tile.
Of course you can!
It's such a beautiful look, and the best part?  No grout lines!

I love the shape of this tub deck and the edge is gorgeous.  The edge detail is really the highlight of a tub deck, you notice it more because there is so much of it.  The marble is Celeste Blue.

You don't necessarily need to match the stone of the tub deck to the stone on the vanities.  This bathroom below coordinates the two different stones beautifully.  
 I think the marble on the tub deck is Emperador Dark.

I love the design on this tub deck. 
I love how they mixed the wood with the marble and I love the detail of that tall splash.  The edge is beautiful, the trim pieces are beautiful and of course, the Carrara marble is beautiful!


Melissa said...

Love those! We so wanted to do a slab when we did our Master Bath remodel. However, since the tile was set in a solid bed of concrete around the tub, we just weren't up for it! I love that look, though.

Laurie said...

Hmmm...I have never thought of slab on a tub deck. I think it's now a MUST HAVE for my next house! :-)
My favorite is that Carrara. Very beautiful.

Steph@TheGraniteGurus said...

Tearing out tile is hardly ever worth it in my opinion. It's such a nightmare!

I love that Carrara too!
Thanks for reading!

Anonymous said...


Mindie said...

Wow, these are great!
That Carrera one is my fav too.

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