Friday, June 1, 2012

FAQ Friday: Do I have to have my old countertops removed before you can template?

Not if you use MGS by Design anyway.  Every fabricator is different and we all have our reasons and opinions as to why the way we do things is best. 
Some fabricators require that you have your old countertops removed before they will template.  I personally hate this approach because the homeowner is without a kitchen for two weeks while their new countertops are being fabricated!
Beautiful Kasmire White granite kitchen from The Granite Girls.

At MGS by Design we try to make the process of new countertops as easy and convenient as possible.  So we template while your old countertops are still on.  If we do the tear out of the exisiting countertops we will generally tear out the same day that we install.  So you aren't without a kitchen for more than the day we are there.

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contemporary metal wall art said...

Not a very typical kitchen design. Look very unique and gorgeous.

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