Wednesday, August 11, 2010

MGS by Design announces new President

Yesterday Dan Nelson, the owner and founder of our company, MGS by Design , announced that BJ Chandler will now be the President of MGS.  Dan will remain involved with the company as the CEO.
B.J. started with the company in 2004. He has been here through the growth of MGS and knows the company and the industry well. His true talent is his ability to adapt to different people. He knows how to make you feel like you are the only client that he is working with. He is passionate about stone, people, and sales. He is committed to making MGS by Design the top stone company in the state. BJ also oversees all of our advertising. He spent 5 years in the Ad industry before aligning with MGS. His creativity also helps in the design process of your project.

B.J. is a local boy. He was born and raised in Provo. He currently lives in Pleasant Grove with his beautiful wife and four over-energized boys. He tries to sneak basketball and fly-fishing in whenever his wife gives him the OK! Anyone that knows him knows that he likes to joke around, so consider yourself warned. He also takes a fair amount of teasing from our clients and our employees for being a 6'7" pretty boy. He often gets told he looks like Superman, but he has yet to use any special powers.


BJ Chandler said...

I thought I might check, "I WANT THIS" box and then say it was my wife...but it might have been a lie.
But man that sure is a good looking photo...of the fish that is!

Aimee at Contempo said...

Congrats BJ! (And that is a heck of a fish!)

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