Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Walnut Cabinets with Stone Countertops

If I were to build a new house today I would do Natural Walnut Cabinets in my kitchen. 
Are you shocked?  Were you totally expecting me to say I'd do white cabinets with Statuary Vein marble countertops? 
Well, I would..........if I didn't have a husband who hates painted cabinets.  Dang marriage and compromise.  :)
So my second choice (and his first choice) would be the natural walnut.  Today I thought I'd show a few pictures of Walnut Cabinets with Stone Countertops.
Of course I'll start with Carrara marble countertops.  I think this Carrara looks great on the walnut cabinets. 
Photo source.

Okay, I'm really embarrassed to be showing a picture of my nemesis (Corian) on my blog but I really do think this is a beautiful kitchen.  The peninsula is amazing, it would just be 10 times more amazing if the countertops were CaesarStone!  
Photo from Trendir.

Speaking of CaesarStone....
This next picture is from our portfolio, the countertops are #2141 Blizzard CaesarStone.
Photo from MGS by Design.

This kitchen has Madura Gold granite countertops.  Madura Gold is a really soft/ warm colored granite.
Photo from Pence Building.

These countertops look to be Bianco Romano granite
Photo from F.W. Lang.

I love the curvy cabinets in this next kitchen.  The countertops are probably quartz.
Photo from Home Gallery Design.

Another photo from our portfolio, this home was in the Utah County Parade of Homes this year.  The countertops are Giallo Ornamental granite.  Giallo Ornamental is by far the granite we are using the most often right now.
Photo from MGS by Design.

Another curvy kitchen.  The countertops are white quartz and how about that backsplash?  Love it!
Photo from Charles Rennie Mackintosh.

This last photo is from our portfolio again.  The countertops are #2400 Champagne Limestone CaesarStone. 
Photo from MGS by Design.

What countertop would you put on walnut cabinets?


veronika miller said...

Carrara on walnut, I love it so much. I've done white marbles several times in client kitchens no matter what the porosity and stain implications - it's just an amazing look. Basta!

Steph@TheGraniteGurus said...

I love Carrara on walnut too. It's just so clean and classic looking I think. It's good to hear that you use white marble in kitchens, I wish more people did!

Unknown said...

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Black Granite said...

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