Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Edge Detail- Full Bullnose

The Full Bullnose Edge Detail is probably the edge that you see most often on granite.  Especially because it's the edge that comes on the pre-fabricated slabs.
Typically with 3 cm slabs people keep it at that thickness and don't laminate the edge, so it looks like the line drawing above and is 1 1/4" thick.  We do laminate 3 cm material though and I think a 2 1/2" Laminated Full Bullnose looks great.

When the slabs are 2 cm then we usually laminate the edge so that it's a total of 1 1/2" thick like the line drawing above shows.  We can make it any thickness that you want though, we just build it differently....oh, and it costs more of course!

The next two pictures are both 1 1/2" Full Bullnose edges.

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