Friday, April 5, 2013

FAQ Friday: Can I Install My Own Granite Countertops?

I get this question fairly often and I see it on the internet ALL THE TIME!
I was going to answer this myself, but then I happened upon an older post by Paul Anatar on the Kitchen and Residential Design blog and he answered the question far better than I ever could.
Plus, I think it's one thing for you to hear someone like me tell you not to install your own countertops, I'm making money off of having my company install them. 
When someone not associated with a fabrication shop answers the same way, I think people tend to believe it a little more. 
So, click here to read Paul's response of why you should not install your own quartz (or natural stone) countertops.
Photo by BJ, job is from MGS by Design's portfolio.


Melissa said...

LOVE that kitchen. It is wonderful. RE: the link - as pretty hardcore DIYers who will give most tasks a try, and have installed laminate counters. Yhere is NO WAY we would have EVER tried to install our slab countertops. Not even the smaller marble ones in the Master Bath. Plus, I could never have gotten them templated correctly to even get cut right to begin with! Thanks goodness for skilled craftsmen!

Steph@TheGraniteGurus said...

Thanks Melissa! I love that kitchen too.

It's good to hear a "hardcore DIYer" wouldn't even try to install their own granite! It always amazes me how people think it's so easy to do. A small vanity, sure why not. But a kitchen, even if it's small I think it's smart to leave it to the pros. :)

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