Friday, April 16, 2010

Unique Granite Designs

I was just looking at some of the photos from work we have done lately and I wanted to post this bathroom. There is a story behind it.
The homeowner wanted to do something special for his little girl in her bathroom since his other daughter has a bathroom nearly twice this size. He, along with his contractor came up with the initial concept and we executed the final work. And yes, it did even things out some between he girls, we think...
While the wood detail is amazing as well but I am focusing on the stone...
The granite is a basic stone, Santa Cecilia. It is all 2cm and the shelfs and the two center columns are all mitered to look like one solid piece. There are 3 other major panels here mitered to make the tub look like a block or stone. It took 3 phases of installation and it was worth it. This may look like a simple tub but when you walk into the room you can get a great sense of the depth of the stone and the wood with the glass shelving. They were all designed to hold lotions and shampoos and other items that makes us smell great. It also has a huge walk in shower and a two tier vanity with a make up desk in this room. Sorry, it was narrow and I could not get the photos to fit with the angles of the other details.
The one thing I wanted to point out is that the client had a concept in general of how they wanted to look and then we put our heads together. We drew things out on cad and then did some 3D images and then this is the result. I wish more people would use their imagination and challenge us to design and fabricate the products they want. Don't let stone be a limitation. Push the envelope and we will try to make it happen.
If anyone else has any unique stone images or products then please, do share.

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Koreen said...

Great design, but I think it would have been AMAZING had they chosen a different granite or even marble. Just my opinion though!

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