Friday, March 5, 2010

The Who's Who of Granite Guru's

I don't follow to many blogs let alone agree to attribute to any, but with the long history I have with the Granite Gurus at MGS By Design, I just had to write something good about these guys.

They are truly experts in the crazy world of stone, marble, quartz and anything else you can dig out of the center on the earth and sit on a cabinet.

I have been using these guys exclusively for the past 7 years on all my custom projects, including 5 Utah Valley Parade Homes, and 2 award winning projects we did in 2004, and 2007. the granites, marbles, and quartz we used in these homes were an integral part in our success.

I will post some pictures of those projects once I can find them on my computer, so look for a re post of this later today with the pictures.

Ok so why do I stick my neck out and endorse these guys? Well seven years and counting with excellent customer service, these guys get it. I can send my clients over to meet with a member of the sales staff like BJ he is awesome and will make sure that my clients are taken care of. I don't have to worry about him up selling, or taking advantage of my clients. He and the others on the sales staff care about one thing.....making the client happy.

They also have a great facility which has just about every machine you can use to cut and shape any size of granite. That translates into options. It allows customers to dream up crazy patterns and edge details to personalize their counter tops. They even have a name your own edge program. If you can think it up they can create it. Awesome.

Well need I say more....oh ya they are on time and use in house installers, in fact most the time the same guys who fabricate will do the install, making sure the project is done right from template to install.

Thanks MGS By Design

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